7 Tips For Staying Comfortable on Long-Distance Flights

7 Tips For Staying Comfortable on Long-Distance Flights | The existence of an airplane mode of transportation, of course, allows us to travel very far. Not only between cities but between islands, between countries, and even between continents. It is certain that long-distance flights take a long time so many people actually feel uncomfortable during these flights.

Of course, this problem is not trivial. Because traveling while on a plane can also determine your condition afterward. Especially if you have to do a series of activities at your destination. Therefore, you need to condition yourself to stay comfortable during the flight with Traveloka flight tickets

However, how do you keep yourself comfortable during long distance flights? Don't worry because, in this article, there are tips for you. Without further ado, here are the tips.

7 Tips For Staying Comfortable on Long-Distance Flights
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Tips To Know Before Long Distance Flights

1. Choose The Right Chair

The first tip is to choose the right chair. Seat selection is one of the things that must be included in the itinerary. You can choose seats that are in first or business class. If they run out, you can work around this by choosing economy-class seats.

But try to choose a seat near the emergency exit, because it provides more legroom. You can choose the seat you want on Traveloka flight tickets

2. Prepare Your Luggage

The second tip is that you have to prepare all your belongings properly, such as clothing, toiletries, personal items, and important documents if you have them. At least these items should be ready one day before departure. This anticipates items being left behind and you don't need to think about them again during the flight.

3. Come to the Airport Early

7 Tips For Staying Comfortable on Long-Distance Flights
Source : pexels.com

Next, you have to be able to arrange a time to arrive at the airport earlier. Starting from preparing luggage, to traveling to the airport. At least you have to arrive at the airport at least 1-2 hours before departure. Because if you are late you will most likely feel discomfort during the flight.

4. Dress As comfortably As possible

Next is to dress as comfortably as possible. Clothing is very important when traveling by plane. You should not wear clothes that are too tight because movement in the aircraft cabin will be limited. You can wear loose clothing, but still cool. 
When traveling long distances, comfortable and loose clothing keeps air circulation good and muscles are not squeezed.

5. Bring Personal Sleeping Equipment

Not all airlines provide neck pillows for every airplane passenger. It would be nice for you to bring a neck pillow from home by choosing a comfortable size and material. In order to help you sleep more comfortably and avoid pain in the neck muscles on the plane. 
If you plan to sleep on a flight, try to bring some personal sleeping equipment, such as neck pillows and earplugs. Usually, planes only provide blanket facilities, and even then certain airlines.

6. Don't Sleep Too Long

Long trips when boarding a plane will cause boredom, and more aches and can reduce health in the body. You may sleep on the flight but remember not too long. If you sleep too long, then the circulation in the body will be hampered.
So that you don't fall asleep for too long, it is highly recommended to bring reading books or even play games through gadgets. You can also watch your favorite movies and listen to music.

7. Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

Even though it's dangerous, some airlines still serve alcoholic drinks. It's best if you don't consume these drinks during the flight because the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases. Circulation is also hampered and makes you get drunk faster. Alcohol and caffeine drinks will also speed up your heart rate which can interfere with your trip.

Those are tips for staying comfortable on long-haul flights. Comfort when traveling is important. In addition to the tips above, you are also advised to bring a jacket to protect your body from cold temperatures.

The temperature on the plane is arguably colder than the room which can affect your health. So bringing a jacket or warm clothing is certainly very useful. If you want to order all your vacation needs, starting from flight tickets and accommodation, you can order it at Traveloka. Don't forget to get attractive promos and discounts every day at Traveloka!

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  1. thanks for the tips. I last took a flight to LCCT in 2013. It has been 10 years!