Tuesday, 10 July 2018

2Escape | The go-to name in Malaysia for all WD-40® BIKE solutions

WD-40® has partnered with Malaysia's leading bike specialist, 2Escape, to bring its range of bike solutions to all biking enthusiasts in the country.

The Petaling-Jaya-based sub-distributor has been appointed since the fourth quarter of 2017 to carry WD-40® BIKE series, namely solutions that cater specifically to the maintenance and care of all types of bikes in the market.

"We are excited about this partnership. It gives us the opportunity to provide our customers & fellow riders solutions to their bike maintenance,” said Harish Vadher, CEO of 2Escape. 

Besides the WD-40® Multi-Use Product blue can, aka 'The Can with Thousands of Uses', below are the series of WD-40® BIKE solutions that can be found at 2Escape: 

1)WD-40® BIKE Chain Cleaner & Degreaser: Fast acting foam clings to bike surfaces to quickly remove stubborn grease and grime from bike chains and the rest of the drive train. 

2)WD-40® BIKE All-Purpose Bike Wash: A powerful yet safe and biodegradable formula that helps remove grease and grime that can cause component wear or damage, and surface scratching. It's safe for all bike surfaces, including carbon fibre, titanium, chrome, steel, aluminium, rubber and plastics!

3)WD-40® BIKE Wet Chain Lube: Specially formulated for wet, muddy and extreme conditions, this wet lube provides a durable coating that repels water and mud, and helps protect your chain to extend its life. No wax. Will not build up inside links and drivetrain.

4)WD-40® BIKE All-Conditions Chain Lube: Use this for high-performing lubrication for any conditions, be it wet or dry. Fast and easy to use, this formula helps prevent squeaks and extends the life of your chain. Does not contain wax that will build up inside links and drivetrain. 

5)WD-40® BIKE Dry Chain Lube: The polymers in this formula forms a dry film to protect your chain and repel dirt in arid or dusty conditions, which helps prevent friction damage and helps extend chain life. No wax. Will not build up inside links and drivetrain.

If you're serious about your bikes, you need to know the experts who knows how to keep them in top shape.

Located at 9, Lorong 51A/227C, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 2Escape can also be reached online via its website https://2escape.bike


  1. perkongsian yang bagus untuk kaki basikal
    memang menjimatkan kos selenggara basikal lah macam nih

  2. Good sharing sis :) Thankyou