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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Let's Get New Outfit With Feelingirldress| Hello guys, getting bored with the current style? Wanna wear something looks new, fresh and more comfortable but don't know how. Why not you try out the new style from FeelinGirldress collections and for sure you are looks so gorgeous and more confidents than before.

For those who doesnt know about FeelinGirldress, i will explain shortly about it. FeelinGirldress is shopping online platform and for sure its for women only ya. To many choices you can picks and surely suitable for your style such as fashion dress, women clothing, activewear, women lingerie, shapewear and others. To me FeelinGirldress the best platform online shopping compare to another platform.

After survey their website, i am so excited to share with you three products from them. Here you are...

White Crew Neck Embroided Flower Paint Bandage Dress Comfortable

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If you are looking a dress for your dinner, why not you are looking wholesale bandage dress. I am sure one of the dress will makes you looks more prominent. Trust me!! If you asked me which one of my favourite collections, of course i will choose white crew neck Embroided flower paint bandage dress comfortable. When you choose this dress, you will looks fit and flare silhouette shows your sexy body. Don't forget to pair the high heels for the perfect look and you are ready!!!

Flattering Blue Long Sleeved Drawstring Hoodie Pocket Pullover

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Other than that, if you want to look simple when hangout with your best friends why not you try the hoodies and sweatshirt for women in FeelinGirldress. Many design, colour you can choose to complete your style. Honestly, i am feeling love with the Flattering Blue Long Sleeved Drawstring Hoodie Pocket Pullover. The reason why this hoodies becomes my choice it is because the soft fabric blend offers all day comfort, had front pockets and look fashionable color block design.

Brightly Khaki Knit Swetashirt Patchwork Crew Neck Outfit

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The other choices for hoodies and sweatshirt for women is Brightly Khaki Knit Swetashirt Patchwork Crew Neck Outfit. Oh God, this sweatshirt make me so excited to have it. This design of the around neck is simple and generous. Other than that, the slim waist cut makes my body curve slimmer eventhough i am fatty haha.

So, do you interested to have them? Just choose Feelingirldress and don't forget to visit their website and i am sure you will love it. About the price offer, for me are reasonable and no minimum order. If you have any questions, their customer services team get ready to answer your questions and tackle your problems 24 hours.

What are you waiting for. Just click, pay, and waiting the delivery in 3 to 7 business days maximum from the date you paid and you will get your order delivered to you anywhere you want. So, don't worry and happy shopping

Friday, 28 August 2020

Alhamdulillah, kinah dah selamat bersalin pada 26 Ogos lepas. Kalau ikut plan asal kena masuk ward pada 28 Ogos, tapi air ketuban dah leaking pagi 26 Ogos tu. Terpaksa la berangkut ke hospital pagi tu. 

Apa yang jadi masa nak bersalin tu, nanti kinah cerita kemudian. Sekarang ni kinah nak cerita pasal snek berpantang yang kinah order di Shopee ni. Kinah order lewat sikit sebab nak makan fresh bila balik rumah nanti. Tapi yang kinah dapat batu tungku 2 ketul. Tepuk dahi nak buat apa la batu tungku banyak-banyak.

Salah terima barang dari shopee, order lain terima lain,

Dah la masih dalam ward. Yop whatsapp pagi tu bagitau sebab dia baru je bukak parcel yang diterima petang tu.

Dapat tahu barang yang kita order tak seperti yang diharapkan. Tak pasal-pasal tekanan darah naik. Baru je malam tu pakar kata "puan dah boleh balik".  

Syok dengar doktor kata macam tu sekali esok pagi nurse check bp dah naik balik. Tak pasal kena observed lagi. 

Sakit pulak hati ni, dah la kite tengah sakit dapat pulak macam tu. Kinah pun terus chat semula pada seller shopee tu. Mujurlah seller tu cepat respon. Sejuk sikit hati ni ha. Seller mintak kinah click return pada Shopee. Menjadi masalahnya, kinah dah klik received. So, memang tak boleh nak buat apa-apa la. Yes part ni memang salah kinah sebab klik received dulu. Mujurlah seller pun ok.

Apa Nak Buat Kalau Jadi Macam Kinah, Order Lain Dapat Lain?

Korang jangan klik dulu received, tapi klik return to Shopee. Kalau dah terklik, chat semula pada seller dan seller akan minta korang pos semula guna airway bill yang dihantar pada kita. Macam kinah, kinah guna khidma JNT. Jadi, kinah return semula pada JNT dan maklumkan pada mereka itu bukan barang kita. Nanti diorang akan pos semula pada penghantar. Tanpa sebarang bayaran.

Mujur jugak seller pun akan pos semula snek berpantang yang kinah order. Dalam ni mujurlah ada win win situation. Kalau tak hmmmmm.

Yop dalam nada gurau kata "rebus je la batu tu buat snek"

Tak memasal ku mencarut dalam ward ni

U/p: Ni kinah cerita berdasarkan pengalaman yang kinah hadapi. Tak tau la dengan  seller lain macam mana.